The masterplan incorporates the entire area that stretches from the sea, to the train station and the banks of Piazza Unità; a reorganisation and restoration of the double row of warehouses with a central pedestrian promenade and the shift of traffic (both roads and parking lots) parallel to the railway. The project redraws and restores the extension of the city’s historic Piazza della Liberta’ to the sea.

The new masterplan sees the reorganisation of access to the Old Port and the accessibility and reuse of the existing warehouses.

The new buildings constitute an urban estate aimed at spatially affecting the broader context that includes an important part of the city. The ratio of urban spaces that are to be configured with the new intervention propose a different use of the city.

This place is a major articulation between the existing urban form, already consolidated in its block typology and the Old Harbour district intent on taking a role and a design quite unique in the morphology of the city.

The new Greensisam project offers an exceptional opportunity to highlight the characteristics of this new neighbourhood that offer a unique and new, but also well-established image, in the building typologies of its extraordinary warehouses. This intervention is key to a new interpretation of a strategic urban space, too long waiting to be reshaped for its future.

The development site is fully owned by Greensisam Real Estate Italy.

The Project

The warehouse 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 4 are arranged in three parallel rows directly opposite the sea, between pier III and pier IV, servicing the entire complex, have different uses.

Building 1A

Overlooking the expanse of water, is intended for administration use. It is currently single storey but will be newly developed with four levels above ground plus basement storage.

Building 2

In the second row; the ground floor and first floor are destined for commercial use, the remaining upper floors, for administration. The basement, with car access, will be available for storage. For this building “restoration”, it is expected to maintain the volume and facades, while the interior will be completely redesigned.

Building 2A

In the third row is to be used for parking. It is spread over 7 floors and has a capacity for 550 cars. For this building “restoration”, it is planned to maintain the existing volume and facades, while the redesign of the interior allows for the addition of an additional floor level.

Building 3

Has features and finishes similar to building 1A. The intended use, is as follows: in the basement- storage, on the ground floor-commercial, for the remaining three levels, will be residential.

Building 4

In the second row, behind the building 3 is a hotel designed with a capacity of 140 rooms, as well as services and related activities.

A platform at level + 1,20m between the buildings 1A-2 and 3-4 is also planned in order to make usable the activities housed in these buildings accessible.

The surrounding area, illuminated and ventilated with architectural elements of street furniture, across an area of 7,000 sqm house the parking areas serving the various buildings.

The green area is as urban garden in the strategic point of the project; an articulation the historic city, where Piazza della Liberta’ and the Old Port meet. This grassed area brings into play the natural terrain and is an oasis in the paved areas of the surroundings. The garden, bordered by rows of trees overlooking the seafront offers pathways that link the different fabrics that define it spatially. Of particular importance is the relationship of this green oasis with the new marina and its recreational content.